Thailand Travel Guide on Best Places And Best Time to Visit

Think of Thailand and an image of postcard-perfect beaches, amazing food, cheap prices, exuberant nightlife, lush-green jungles, and world-class diving scenes scroll abreast of the mind. Cradled between the Andaman Sea and therefore the Gulf of Thailand, it’s the foremost visited country of Southeast Asia. Each year, around sixteen million foreigners visit it. This suggests much of Thailand’s economy is generated from tourism. Despite heavy inputs from tourism, farming and fishing are the prominent occupations of individuals in Thailand. Everything from sightseeing to moving from one city to a different, trekking, diving, and partying is straightforward and convenient. There are several sites to enjoy with the gang and in isolation. If trekking is your passion, Thailand offers majestic mountains. There are great islands and beaches to travel skiing and diving. And to party hard throughout the night, there are clubs and bars within the cities. Imagine anything, even the wildest, and it’s possible during this land. Check this Thailand Travel Tips Online.

Places to go to in Thailand:-

Thailand may be a kaleidoscope of scenes with different hues. Its modern cities thronging with motorbikes and tuk-tuks, Buddhist temples, and energetic nightlife. There are lush landscapes at isolated, but worth exploring areas dotted with ancient ruins, amazing coastline, picture-perfect beaches, and blue lagoons. Here are a number of places to go to in Thailand which will provide you with can have unforgettable memories.

Bangkok: If you would like to let yourself loose and have crazy entertainment, then Bangkok is that the city you’ll start your tour from. This city blends modernity and tradition seamlessly. Its skyscrapers, resplendent temples, beaches, and restaurants, and nightclubs to enjoy crazy experiences. It’s not only visited by locals for fun and frolic but also to achieve religious duties since two of the foremost popular temples – Wat Pho and Wat Arun are in Bangkok. There are even ancient places that testify the ostentatious lifestyle of the Royals.

Chiang Mai: If trekking within the wilderness and jungle is your choice, then Chiang Mai is that the best city. In fact, it is a base for trekkers. It’s one of the oldest cities in Thailand that’s flourishing on tourism. It’s engulfed with mountain, lush landscapes, and hill tribes. Besides outdoor activities, it’s also good for relishing ancient Thai architecture in several Buddhist temples spread throughout. The town is additionally ideal for purchasing exotic handicrafts.

Pai: If the city’s heat, humidity, and therefore the crowd features a toll on you, you’ll rejuvenate yourself by visiting a quiet and delightful village – Pai, situated within the northern a part of Thailand. The village is usually inhabited by the tribal people. You’ll enjoy many outdoor activities and trekking in its picturesque valley. At the buttocks of the town are thermal spring, waterfalls, and elephant camps.

Ayutthaya: Ayutthaya is the former capital of Thailand. It had been established in 1350 were the three ancient rivers – Chao Phraya, the Lopburi, and therefore the Pa Sak merge. Since it had been the capital of King U Thong, it’s three palaces, over 400 temples, and heritage ruins. The Burmese conquered it and destroyed several temples, the ruins of which became tourist attractions today.

Best time to go to Thailand

The seasons of Thailand are classified into summer, winter, and wet. From May to November is that the season in some parts of the country, whereas it’s from April to October and September to December counting on the region. If you do not fancy hot and season, then visit any time from November to April since the season between these months are usually cool and dry.

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