Choose Nepal as your next trek destination

Choosing a next trek destination for holidays is pretty difficult. You can choose Nepal for your next destination. Nepal is a country that is culturally as well as naturally rich. There you can see Himalaya like never before. Stunning Himalayan landscapes are incredible. Trekking is beautiful as well as exciting adventure. You can enjoy both the elements in Nepal. Trekking trip in Nepal is like having an adventurous trip on a paradise. Book Adventure Holidays in Himalaya and make your winter vacation exciting. Here are some more reasons that will make you plan a trekking trip to Nepal –


  • World’s tallest mountain – eight of the world’s tallest mountains are situated in Nepal. Mountain climbing doesn’t attract every person, as it requires a huge amount of dedication, training and preparation. One can easily get close and enjoy their vacation near to these massive mountains through trekking in Nepal. With Namas adventure you can enjoy your trekking in Nepal so adventurous trip to enjoy Island peak trek for having the best time.  You should know more about Island peak Expedition Tour in Nepal.
  • Have whole trekking route – most of the famous treks are mostly busy during the season but there are numerous treks are that are far less busy. So you can have whole trek for yourself and enjoy your vacation with family or friends.
  • Birthplace of trekking – obviously, people living in the mountain have been walking in the hills for hundreds of years as it has been their chief means of transport. but there is one theory that says that in the middle of 20th century trekking as a free time exercise was introduced in Nepal when mountain climbers were on the their way to cross the mountains. So, which place will be better compared to the birthplace of trekking?
  • Awesome food – this country situated in the background of Himalayas, offers you numerous choices in food. Nepali cuisine is counted among one of the healthiest cuisines in South Asia as local homemade products are used for cooking. Food in Nepal is shaped by the diverse culture and tradition of the country and it is easily affordable so you can enjoy as many dishes as you want without working about budget.
  • home to UNESCO world heritage sites – Nepal is home to eight of the UNESCO world heritage sites as the country is rich with historical, traditional and natural diversities. With trekking you can also enjoy these sites as the magnificent looks of the country are considered among the world’s best experiences.
  • Something for everyone – Nepal has something to offer for every person the country offers easy and short treks to challenging and difficult one around remote area and Himalayas. Also Namas adventure can make your trek route short or longer according to your fitness and they will offer best suitable trek to you. So, elderly, kids or adults trek in Nepal is for everyone.

Book Baruntse Peak Adventure Holidays with Namas adventure you will get to enjoy trekking along with all the beautiful places of the country and the delicious food. You will also get to know the incredible tradition of the country. For more information visit website on –

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